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Brian Windhorst: "Victor Oladipo And Russell Westbrook Don't Have Any Trade Value"

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Victor Oladipo and Russell Westbrook haven’t convinced anybody in the league that they’re valuable assets to trade for. The guards come from having not so good seasons, filled with controversies and even some troubles in the locker room.

All those factors, added to the fact that they couldn’t showcase all their talent the past season have hurt their chances to be traded this offseason. According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, neither Westbrook nor Oladipo have trade value at this moment.

"This is based on conversations from all around the league at every level. Victor Oladipo and Russell Westbrook do not have trade value."

Both players underperformed last season, where they were expected to show good things. Westbrook landed in Houston to reunite with James Harden and that experiment was a disaster for the team.

Oladipo returned from an injury and his collaboration with the Pacers was nearly non-existent. He was also caught asking rival players if he could join them in front of teammates, something that didn’t sit well in Indiana and the rest of the NBA.

Now the Rockets and Pacers have two players that don’t want to stay with them and don’t have enough value to be traded. This is a complex situation for both franchises and they need to hurry to get rid of them and assemble the team they want for the upcoming season.