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Bronny James Flexes On His Classmates, Arrives In Style At High School Prom

Bronny James

In a few years, LeBron James Jr. is going to have all the eyes in the world on him as he makes the transition from High School basketball to college.

Today, the 17-year-old baller is just a High Schooler enjoying the last bits of his childhood.

On Instagram, Bronny went viral for showing off some legendary prom pics that featured him and his date arriving in style to the special event. The couple was all smiles in their photos and appeared to have had a really good time.


His mom, Savannah, also celebrated the big night with a post of her own, telling the world all about how much her son has grown up:

Sooooo @bronny went to prom this past weekend….. Tons of emotions and realizations. Time really flies. 🥲 So proud of you young man!! I will always have your front and your back!!💕 Zhuri is processing all of this too!!

It's honestly great to see that Bronny is enjoying his High School experience. As the son of a basketball legend, he has to live up to huge standards and there are expectations on him that no kid should have to bear.

The fact is, Bronny was famous even before he played his first High School game, and that's something that not even LeBron experienced at the start of his journey:

"LeBron's performances in his early high school days created an enormous amount of excitement, so much so that we stopped recruiting him at Ohio State as a junior — he'd already played himself into an NBA lottery pick and would become the No. 1 choice," said one NBA Scout, comparing LeBron to his first-born son. "LeBron's success has guaranteed an intense level of social media scrutiny for Bronny, and expectations and pressure from fans that is unrealistic. Still, Bronny has handled every moment extremely well, with maturity, and even embraced the spotlight to some degree. I can see his dad's influence on his game, and definitely on his traits of being a good teammate, respecting the game and striving for completeness as a player. Bronny is his own person and player, will run his own race and will get where he needs to be based on his own talent and traits."

With the prom behind him now, Bronny is probably focused on finishing out his school year strong and gearing up for his very crucial Senior Year.

As he gets closer and closer to graduation, all eyes are on the youngster and what he plans to do next. Which college will he attend? Will he change his playstyle as he gets closer to NBA eligibility? It will be interesting to see how it plays out for Bronny, but he is facing it all in the best way that he can.