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Bronny James Had To Give His Shoes After Losing The FT Competition Against 'NeverMissAllie'

Bronny James Had To Give His Shoes After Losing The FT Competition Against Never Miss Allie

It seems like Bronny James had to go back home shoeless after losing a free throw competition. LeBron James' eldest son recently entered his junior year at Sierra Canyon High School, starring in some eyebrow-raising moments when a group of fans attacked his father during a game

He also met social media personality 'NeverMissAllie,' who is famous for making basketball trick shot videos, sharing pranks, and challenging people for footwear-related prizes. This time, she met Bronny and didn't miss her chance to make a bet with the 17-year-old. 

Footage shows Allie challenging Bronny to a free throw competition, and the boy accepted. She gets the ball and makes eight consecutive shots in the challenge, putting the bar very high for Bronny. 

When it was his turn, he only made two shots in a row before missing the third, meaning Allie was the winner of the challenge. However, she gave James another opportunity, but Bronny couldn't make it. 

This meant he had to give his shoes. Bronny looked surprised when he learned he needed to give them right there. The girl took the shoes and wore them, showing off her prize. 

Some could say Bronny missed his shots to just give out the shoes, but it's hard to imagine he woke up one day thinking about giving away his footwear. Moreover, Allie showed she's an expert at making free throws, and some even think she missed the 9th shot on purpose. 

Well, Bronny didn't mind giving his shoes and acted really cool when that happened. It'd be interesting to know if he had another pair beside the one he lost in the challenge. He took the L and moved on, giving fans good content alongside a very popular figure on social media. This is not the first time he does it, though, as he appeared with an Instagram model last year, sparking rumors about a possible relationship.

Just like his father, Bronny is a very cool person who has no problem joking about him or his family. Last year, for example, he joked by saying Stephen Curry was his dad. Now, he starred in a very interesting challenge that didn't end up well for him.

While he keeps getting ready to make it to the NBA in a couple of years, Bronny keeps finding new challenges.