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Bronny James Says Joakim Noah Is Looking Homeless

(via Youtube)

(via Youtube)

Bronny James took a big shot at Joakim Noah for his look on Twitch. LeBron James' son was watching the highlights of the first formal game of the Lakers in the bubble and he didn't miss a chance to take a jab at Noah, one of his father's biggest nemesis in the league.

At the transmission, Bronny wondered why Noah looks 'homeless' and recalling that the league built a barbershop inside the bubble so players could take care of their looks.

"Why does Joakim Noah look homeless? Why does he look homeless?," Bronny asked. "Bro, they have a barbershop in the bubble. Go to the barbershop."

The war between Noah and LeBron hasn't stopped. The French center recently sent a subtle to LeBron and his Lakers, stating that there were no 'prima donnas' on the Clippers. Bron didn't respond to that but you know Bronny can take care of that.

The Lakers won their first game back, in front of a great rival, with LeBron having a terrific night, closing the game on both ends of the floor. These two squads are the favorite to play in the WCF, so you know this won't be the last time we see them clashing on the court. We're pretty sure Noah is looking forward to facing the Lakers at some point in the postseason.