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Brooklyn Nets Have Finally Finished Paying Deron Williams' $98M Contract 8 Years After It Began

(via Slam)

(via Slam)

There was a time when Deron Williams was considered one of the best point guards in the game. In his first few years with the Nets, he had everything you could want in a point guard: handles, shooting, speed, and playmaking.

Unfortunately, injuries and time quickly derailed his career and before the Nets even realized what was happening, Williams was basically a shell of his former self. The team moved on and decided to stretch his contract in 2015 -- three years after he had signed a five-year, $98-million deal with them.

Yesterday, they finally finished making the last of these payments (which had them sending him $15k per day since they stretched the contract five years ago) -- a total of eight years after the original contract was signed.

The Nets have literally been paying this many thousands of dollars a day despite having not played a game for them in about five years. That's just insane and goes to show the level of security that comes for players who sign large contracts like that.

The good news for Brooklyn is that they're finished and can finally move on. With Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving now leading the team, better days should be in store for the franchise.

Let's just hope the basketball "gods" are on their side this time.