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Bucks May Have Had One Of The Worst Half-Time Shows Ever On Saturday

(via TMZ)

(via TMZ)

The Bucks are having a terrific basketball season. With Giannis leading the way, they boast an NBA best 45-14 record with less than half the season to go.

What's less than terrific was their most recent half-time performance, which in no way represents what they have been doing all season long. Anyway, on Saturday's match against the Timberwolves, the Bucks had rap artist Ja Rule perform in what they were calling a 90's theme night.

Ja Rule is more of a 200's artist though, which he made note of before the performance. The crowd was not pleased, and it made for some really awkward moments the rest of the show.

The terrible reaction could also be in response to the infamous Fyre Festival, a money-grab "festival" scam that falsely advertised what it provided, resulting in eight lawsuits, several seeking class-action status, and one seeking more than $100 million in damages. This half-time performance got so bad Giannis came out in the middle of the show to get some shots up.

Yikes... literally silence from the fans. As far as half-time shows go, that might go down as one of the worst.