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Buddy Hield Locks Tyrese Haliburton In The Bathroom: "You're Gonna Pass The Ball To Me Tomorrow?"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Buddy Hield keeps welcoming Sacramento Kings Tyrese Haliburton to the NBA, trolling him whenever and wherever he has the chance. The sharpshooter recently went on Instagram live to keep poking Tyrese, locking the young player on the team's bathroom while asking him a bunch of questions.

This is a common practice around the NBA and the Kings' players aren't changing that. In the video, you could see Hield asking Haliburton if he was going to pass him the ball and the player was just trying to get himself out of that bad situation.

Buddy: "You're gonna pass the ball to me tomorrow?"

Tyrese: "I'll pass you the ball every day."

Buddy: "No, you be missing the corner passes."

Tyrese: "I'll never miss a corner pass."

They kept talking and Buddy told him to make those passes so he could count on him. They shared some laughs before Ty asked him to let him out of the bathroom. All while fans laughed with the sequence at the comments. Haliburton then vowed to get better at every aspect of the game, including defense but his teammates weren't having that; they only wanted him to stick to rookie duties.

In the end, he was freed and left the bathroom thanking Hield and the rest of the team for letting him out. Not everybody is a Shaquille O'Neal, a guy that won't take anything from nobody even during his rookie season. Ty is learning how things work in the NBA and he will be the one doing these pranks on other players soon.

It's good to know that the Kings' chemistry is very good in a season where they have struggled again. Right now they rank 12th in the Western Conference, trying to at least make it to the 10th, which will give them the chance to play in the play-in tournament.