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Buddy Hield Sends A Message To The Critics: "Them Checks Still Coming In..."

Buddy Hield Sends A Message To The Critics- "Them Checks Still Coming In..."

Over in Sacramento, the Kings are still trying (and failing) to cement themselves as a threat in the Western Conference.

After making some strides, they have taken some steps back this season, and appear on track for some major moves over the next few months.

Still, despite all that, Buddy Hield has some time to clap back at his critics. Following a recent performance, in which he dropped a measly 2 points, he took to Instagram, where he issued a response to some fans who complained about his performance...

"yup and dem checks still coming in 🤷‍♂️"


Needless to say, that's not necessarily the response you want to hear if you're a Kings fan. As a former No. 6 pick, Buddy was projected to be Sacramento's next star. And while he has emerged as a solid offensive player, and knockdown shooter, he has yet to meet those expectations. 

This campaign, he's averaging just 16.5 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per game on just 40.6% shooting. He's also making roughly $24 million this season alone.

Worse still, the Kings are 26-37 in the West, behind the Pelicans for 12 in the Conference.

They've got a long way to go, and it seems Hield should spend a little less time worrying about what the fans are saying about him online.