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Buddy Hield Takes Shot At James Harden For His One-Legged Three

(via The Sacramento Bee)

(via The Sacramento Bee)

James Harden's new ace in the hole is his "one-legged three," a move that has recently been sensationalized by the media.

It's an interesting move, to say the least. But Sacramento's Buddy Hield will not be adapting it into his repertoire. In a chat with NBC Sports' James Ham, he took a bit of a jab towards Harden and his new move.

“Hell no,” Hield said. “That’s not a high-percentage shot for me right now. I might take a one-leg step-back shot when I get in the paint, but not at the 3-point line.”

“Whatever James has going for him, he has going for him,” Hield added. “It’s a different light over there than here in Sacramento. I’ve got to stick to the basics.”

James Harden is one of the best offensive players in the league, but he has been known to take low-percentage shots. He shoots 44% for his career and 35% from three.

Hield, on the other hand, is statistically one of the most efficient long-distance shooters in the NBA. He shoots 45% form the field and 41% from three.

His commitment to "the basics" is a testament to his modest, team-first play style. This upcoming season with the Kings will require him to step up in major ways if he is to lead them to the postseason for the first time in years. He is up for the challenge.