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Business Partner Reveals Truth About Kevin Durant Joining The Warriors


Two summers ago, the Golden State Warriors walked off in defeat after giving up their 3-1 lead and losing the NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

From the defeat came Kevin Durant, who signed with the Warriors just weks after their terrible defeat.

Two years later, and people are still questioning just how the KD/Warriors signing came to be. While there's a lot of stories out there, Rudy-Cline Thomas' Q&A session with Kevin Durant and his business partner/close friend Rich Kleiman sheds some real truth on why, when, and where Durant made his decision to join the greatest basketball team on the planet.

"Remember 2017, you just lost to the Warriors -- no 2016, you had just lost the Warriors, May -- you and I get together after the game. I thought I was just gonna focus on not talking about basketball, and you wanted to focus on talking about Silicon Valley -- asking me how it was out here.

"You had been following what Andre and I were doing, how it was being surrounded by all these CEOs, innovators and entrepreneurs. And I was like, 'Wow. First and foremost, like yo -- this dude just told me he's about to sign with the Warriors, right (laughter). So, I was like I'm not gonna tell anybody, didn't tell anybody whatsoever, didn't want any rumors to get started..."

Cline-Thomas then asked Durant when he started thinking differently about his business opportunities, to which the Oakland star pointed to a time back in 2015.

"Probably about 2015, I had got hurt. Basketball had always been my world ... it stopped, and I had to think about other parts of my life and what I was interested in ... it was rough because I didn't know what I wanted to do or what I liked or what type of person I wanted to be ... I started to hear about Andre and more guys around the NBA -- especially that play for the Warriors -- that took advantage of the opportunities of being in the Bay Area.

"So throughout that whole year, me and Rich were talking about investing in companies and what I like to do outside of ball. Then I (saw) you and just all those questions came out at once and I was basically telling you I was coming to the Warriors (laughter)."

Next, Cline-Thomas asked Kleiman what he has learned from Kevin Durant over the years.

"Well I just learned that he told you in May, before free agency -- which is hardly factual, which we'll have to clear up with Marc Spears and everybody here (laughter) -- no way did that happen, but cool... (laughter)."

Sounds like Durant had been thinking about the Bay for quite a while before his free-agency decision. Besides good, Championship caliber basketball, Oakland provided Durant with business opportunities.

In the long run, it may have cost him some fans... and some respect by fellow NBA stars. But if his main goal was to succeed in the basketball and business side of things, Oakland, California is certainly a great place to do it.