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C.J. McCollum's Brother Errick Makes Crucial Mistake When Trying To Defend His Brothers Defense

(via ErrickM3)

(via ErrickM3)

C.J. McCollum has been a staple for the Blazers for years now, but fans can often be ruthless when it comes to criticism. For C.J., most of the gripes are on the defensive end, where he is widely considered a below-average defender.

Following their latest loss to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday, fans ripped into him once again for his lackluster performance defensively. Eventually, his brother, Errick, came to his defense, pointing out (incorrectly) that his high defensive rating is proof he is actually a defender.

Considering defensive ratings are supposed to be low, Errick disproved the very argument he was trying to make. Naturally, fans flamed him online for the misunderstanding.

For some reason, confusing the correlation between high defensive rating and low defensive rating is a common mistake among NBA fans, and even some players.

In Errick's case, he just learned the hard way.