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Calling A Nonexistent Timeout In Game 6 Is One Of The Smarter Things Draymond Green Has Ever Done

(via Flipboard)

(via Flipboard)

True, Draymond Green is not one of the community's favorite players. Not only is he known for his sketchy and downright dirty playstyle, but the guy just makes some ridiculous mistakes on the court sometimes. During Game 6 of the 2019 Finals, Draymond was captured trying to call a timeout as his team was able to secure the ball, down 1, with seconds to go.

It sounds good, right? Except the Warriors didn't have any timeouts left. The resulting "error" gave the Raptors a technical free throw and helped them pull away in the closing moments.

Many are using the sequence as yet another opportunity to slander and blame Draymond for his "stupidity" on the court.

But maybe all the criticism is unwarranted? See, even without any timeouts, calling one anyway was the Warriors' last and only chance to save a game that was slipping away. Deadspin's Chris Thompson put it like this:

If Green hadn’t forced a stoppage at that exact moment, the Warriors’ chances would’ve dropped to zero, because the game would’ve been over. The ball was bouncing away from their basket, and grabbing it meant going to the floor, leaving no chance at throwing up a shot of any kind. Stopping the clock was the only way the Warriors could even hope to keep alive the slimmest of vanishing chances at a miracle comeback.

Whether by accident or an intentional part of his last-ditch plan, Draymond gave the Warriors a chance -- albeit slim -- they really shouldn't have had. The Raptors’ Danny Green had botched a pass moments earlier, and Toronto very well could have done it again.

The picture of Draymond throwing himself to the ground, and subsequently calling a timeout he did not have was a sad and fitting image of the state of the Warriors' dynasty. Despite giving their best efforts, an unfortunate series of injuries gave them a disadvantage they just could not overcome.