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Cam Payne Responds To LeBron James’ “Stay Humble” Comments: “It Did Surprise Me Because I’m Very Humble”

LeBron James Tells Cameron Payne 'Stay Humble' After Intense Exchange

Cameron Payne recently starred in a curious moment with LeBron James. As the Phoenix Suns dominated the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center, the point guard engaged in a heated exchange with the 4x NBA champion. 

At some point, LeBron reminded Payne to stay humble since he was jobless at home before getting a second chance in the league with the Suns. While The King was on the bench, he barked at Cam, who allegedly started the whole argument. 

"Stay humble now, stay humble," James said to Payne. "Come on now. You was at home a year and half ago. Now you want to pop off? Don't do that." 

Payne had the chance to address this situation, revealing he wasn't talking to LeBron. The 36-year-old took it personally and fired back. It's rare to see LeBron doing this, but it seemed like Payne struck a nerve. 

"I wasn't even talking to Bron," Payne said Friday afternoon, via USA Today. "That's the crazy part. I wasn't even talking to him." 

Asked if he was surprised by the words the former Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat player used, Payne admitted he was shocked because he's not a show-off. 

"It did surprise me because I'm very humble," said Payne.

This reaction could respond to the Suns blowing out the Lakers on the court and their prior showdowns. Phoenix took Los Angeles out of the 2021 playoff 4-2, taking advantage of the struggling Lakers that didn't have Anthony Davis and couldn't keep up with Chris Paul, Devin Booker and co. 

Payne had to work a lot to be where he is right now, and it was odd to think he would have an attitude after all he went through. He still got the bag in the summer, agreeing to a three-year, $19 million deal with Phoenix in the offseason. 

Now it's time to return to the Finals and try to win after losing the big series last season.