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Caris LeVert Says Kyrie Irving Is The Most Skilled Player Ever

(via Brooklyn Paper)

(via Brooklyn Paper)

Kyrie Irving is widely credited with having the best handles in the league, and possibly ever. He is a wizard with the basketball, and we can easily pull up the highlights and marvel at what he does. Many people have anointed Kyrie Irving as the most skilled player of all time, and there is certainly an argument that he deserves it.

The most recent person to say that Kyrie Irving is the most skilled player ever is Caris LeVert his former teammate on the Brooklyn Nets. While LeVert is now with the Indiana Pacers, he clearly still has a lot of love for Irving. In a recent episode of The Long Shot Podcast, Caris LeVert has claimed that Kyrie Irving is the most skilled in terms of what one can do with a basketball. (1:44)

If we talking just skill, I would say Kyrie is the most skilled player of all time.

Caris LeVert brings up a good point: we routinely see Kyrie Irving break down defenders with slick dribble moves, finish at the rim, and score tough shots when double-teamed. Kyrie Irving can score in a variety of ways, and he is one of the most exciting players for fans to watch. The skill factor is there: while other players may be better overall, few players can do what he does with the basketball.

Kyrie Irving has been scrutinized a lot over the past year, but perhaps we should just sit back and appreciate his greatness. Kyrie Irving won't be around forever, and his artistry with the ball backs up his status as an all-time legend.