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Carmelo Anthony And Kyrie Irving Trade Buckets At Pick Up Game

Carmelo Anthony And Kyrie Irving Trade Buckets At Pick Up Game

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets are arguably the two best teams in the NBA right now. Last season, both sides failed to enter the NBA Finals and as a result, they have been quite busy this offseason.

While the Nets secured their stars on longer deals and added depth to the roster, the Lakers recruited more star power. Many big names like Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony joined the team in hopes of winning the 2022 NBA championship.

All things considered, the two squads are the favorites to battle each other on the biggest stage, i.e., the NBA Finals. It goes without saying that there will be several one-on-one matchups if that fixture becomes a reality.

One such battle could be between Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony. The two stars gave fans a sneak peek at what their matchup could look like a few months down the line.

The two stars went toe-to-toe in a recent pick-up game. Overtime posted a video of the same on its Twitter account that displayed the two stars raining buckets.

Looking at the video, both stars look ready for the new season to help their team's chances of winning the title.

However, if this battle were to happen in a real NBA game, Irving would probably win it. The reason is quite simple: Irving is still in the prime of his career. On the other hand, Melo has lived his glory days and nowadays is playing much lesser minutes in actual games.

Regardless of that, both players are known as lethal scorers and can turn the momentum of any game in just a few minutes.

If the Lakers and the Nets can prevail through the regular season without any significant injury troubles, it's hard to see any other team stand in their much-anticipated matchup in the NBA Finals.

What are your expectations for the two teams in the upcoming season? If they meet in the Finals, will the Lakers claim the victory or will it be the Nets? Feel free to share your opinion about the same in the comments section below.