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Carmelo Anthony Comments About Joining Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving In Brooklyn: "That's Family"

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Though Melo remains unsigned, the rumors about potential landing spots continue to swirl around the community. One such spot is the Brooklyn Nets, who were connected to Anthony following the report that KD and Kyrie Irving were "pushing hard" for the team to sign him.

And although nothing has yet become of the rumor, Anthony himself commented on it, hinting that he would love to play with his pals.

"That's family," Melo said to TMZ. "So, that's bigger than basketball. If something happens, something's gonna happen."

He then assured the masses that he wasn't sweating anything.

"I appreciate all my fans. Everybody, it's nothing but love. I'm good. Me and my family good. That's all that matters. I'm 10 toes down. I feel better than I've ever felt."

The prospect of Melo joining the Nets makes a lot of sense. His role wouldn't have to be significant, but the team could use Carmelo's scoring expertise off the bench. With Kevin Durant out for the foreseeable future, they could use him even more.

Still, taking him on is a big risk. Nobody is sure what he has left in the tank and what he really brings to the team. Brooklyn will have to decide if they want to find out.