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Carmelo Anthony Could Join FIBA World Cup Roster This Summer

(via The Undefeated)

(via The Undefeated)

Two years following his last All-Star game appearance, Carmelo Anthony is having a tough time adjusting to his new world.

Having turned 35 this past May, the former scoring Champion has been exiled from the league as a result of his inefficient game and stubborn mindset. In 10 games with the Rockets in 2019-20, Melo averaged 13.4 points on a miserable 40% shooting.

He has yet to find a new NBA home since his stint in Houston ended, and most think he has already played his last game as a pro.

Interesting circumstances may have given Anthony a chance, though, and he could end up back on the court as a part of USA's FIBA World Cup team.

SB Nation's Mike Prada suggested that the US National Team bring Melo back in light of the departures of other basketball stars.

NBA Melo may not be viable anymore, but FIBA Melo would arguably be the best player on the roster. He’s always been his best self in international settings, where he can rain spot-up threes over packed-in defenses and bang with the more physical defenders international ball has to offer. He’s Team USA’s all-time leading scorer for a reason. (That reason is mostly length of service — Melo’s played in a whopping 85 international games for Team USA — but his idealized style of play is a key factor, too).

Melo hasn’t played much organized basketball of late, but why can’t he turn back the clock and do this again?

USA's FIBA roster is dwindling fast, with at least 20 of the league's best players already set on not representing the team this go-round. They need to find replacements, and who better to step up than the USA’s all-time leading scorer?

So, Anthony might just find his way back to the court after all. And when it's all said and done, he might even improve his chances of landing back on an NBA team in the fall if he proves he still has something left in the tank.