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Carmelo Anthony Demands Six Teams To Change Their Nicknames

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Carmelo Anthony is asking for a change in American sports. In recent days, the Washington Redskins were asked by their own sponsors to change their name, but Melo believes more teams need to change their nicknames as soon as possible.

The Redskins announced they were going to review their name but Anthony added five names to that list. More people have started to ask for name changes in recent days and now a big voice joined that fight. Melo believes using Native American mascot names isn't right and that practice should be ended.

"We are not equal until all our communities are equal. In support of our Native American communities, the use of Native mascot names needs to end," he wrote on Twitter.

Besides the Redskins, Anthony added the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL, the Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians of the MLB, the Chicago Blackhawks of the NFL, and the Golden State Warriors of the NBA.

The Indians, just like the Redskins, agreed to review their name since they believe it's time for a change.

It will be interesting to see how many changes we'll see across American sports. These teams have great stories not everybody would be happy with them changing their names. Still, Melo already called them out.

Meanwhile, Anthony is getting ready for the NBA return in Orlando next July 30. His Portland Trail Blazers are one of the teams fighting for that 8th seed in the Western Conference. We're pretty sure we'll see Melo raising his voice on this matter when he's at the bubble.