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Carmelo Anthony Doesn’t Rule Out A Return To The Knicks

(via Medium)

(via Medium)

It has been some time since Carmelo Anthony last took the NBA court. It was early fall that we saw him play his way out of Houston, and the 10x All-Star has not returned since.

His last two runs with the Thunder and Rockets signaled the end of stardom for Anthony. His expired game, stubborn mindset, and toxic offensive game have made him near unplayable.

Still, Melo remains reluctant to play for anyone not competing for a title.

And no, he did not rule out a return to the Knicks -- given the circumstance KD comes to town.

Anthony did not depart from the Knicks on the best of terms. Things went sour when Phil Jackson entered the picture. As Jackson tried to force him out, he paired Anthony with an awful roster and insisted he play with Kristaps Porzingis, despite the pair not gelling well.

Nonetheless, that is all ancient history now. Jackson and Phil are gone, leaving room for a return for Anthony. Plus, with tons of cap space and multiple free agents showing interest, better times are ahead for New York basketball.

Anthony would be crazy not to go back...