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Carmelo Anthony: "I Don't Know Where All These Melos Are Coming From. Whether It's Postseason, Bubble, Hoodie, It's All Me At The End Of The Day. It's Only Me."

Carmelo Anthony Gives Inspiring Post-Game Speech After Cracking The NBA's Top-10 Scoring List

Every time a player changes the slightest thing about his looks and his performances change, fans and even some analysts joke about that new look being a bit of an amulet.

We've heard it with masked LeBron, untucked Kyrie, bubble TJ Warren, and - obviously - Hoodie Melo.

The Hoodie Melo legend grew on social media when Carmelo was working out in the summer, looking slimmer than ever and as good as he was when he first entered the league.

Anthony is one of the most beloved and respected veterans in the league, so fans are constantly rooting for him. However, even though he enjoys the jokes, he says that there's no difference between him with or without his hoodie or whether he's in the playoffs or in the bubble:

"I don't know where all these Melos are coming from. Whether it's postseason, bubble, hoodie, it's all me at the end of the day. It's only me," Anthony said, as quoted by Sean Highkin of Bleacher Report.

Hoodie or not, the Blazers will need Anthony to be at its finest when they face the Denver Nuggets, the very same team where his NBA journey began:

"That place will always hold something special to me. It's a lot different now. My mindset is different. My goals are different. We're going in there trying to win. But deep down, I know the place Denver will always hold for me," the veteran forward said.

Anthony was the only reason why the Denver Nuggets were a perennial playoff team during his tenure there. Nonetheless, he didn't exactly leave the team on good terms when he asked to be traded to the New York Knicks.

Carmelo Anthony will go down as one of the greatest scorers in NBA history but the lack of a ring will always stain his résumé. Hopefully, he'll go full Hoodie Melo in the playoffs and silence his critics once and for all.