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Carmelo Anthony Makes A Powerful Statement Ahead Of His Thunder Debut


Let’s get straight to the point here: Carmelo Anthony has seen better years.

Even in Denver, his game was rich and explosive, and he had a fun and exciting team around him. Although Denver isn’t a particularly high-destination market, the organization showed the superstar they knew what they were doing.

Once in New York, his dreams of finally playing for Madison Square Garden cake true, as he lead the Knicks through a sort of “Golden Era.”

But things fell apart quickly, and Melo found himself in a very dark place. With Phil Jackson in charge, the New York superstar continually found himself disrespected and under appreciated.

And it just kept going like that, until this summer, when Anthony was finally traded to the OKC Thunder. As part of a new Superteam, Carmelo will have the chance to start fresh. He’ll have the opportunity to rise from the ashes of New York. Even Melo himself recognizes this defining moment.

He took to Twitter to put the whole thing in amazing words: “You Watched Me Walk Through Hell, Now Watch Me Walk Up Out It”

Tonight, Carmelo will play his old team on the first game of the season. No matter how he, or either team, performs tonight, his legacy will be determined by what happened in the next couple of months. For Melo to “rise from the ashes” he’ll have to rekindle the passion and fire that was there so long ago.