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Carmelo Anthony Responds To Epic Throwback Post Featuring Him And LeBron James: "Keep Going!"

Carmelo Anthony Responds To Epic LeBron James Throwback Post: "Keep Going!"

Love him or hate him, Camelo Anthony's NBA journey has been amazing to behold.

After playing college ball at Syracuse, the young stud became a star in Denver, proving himself as one of the NBA's best offensive players as he led the Nuggets to new heights in the West.

After 8 seasons, he requested a trade to the Knicks and continued to shine on basketball's biggest stage.

From there, we know the rest. He would leave New York and enter the "dark ages" of his career, eventually being exiled from the league completely before resurfacing in Portland.

After 18 seasons, the guy is finally a Laker and it's a rather poetic end to his storied career.

In fact, when being reminded of his journey through the years, not even Melo himself could avoid appreciating how far he's come.

The photo in the tweet includes LeBron James, who made his debut the same exact day as Anthony. Today, the legends (and friends) are now teammates --  a pairing that was long overdue.

“I know our friendship. I know our brotherhood that we have," said Melo of LeBron. "I know the connection that we have. And over the years, we’ve kind of been dipping and dabbing at, ‘Oh let’s play together, let’s do this or let’s do that.’ But it wasn’t that. And at his point in time, where we both are in our careers, I think we both needed to hear that. I needed to hear, ‘I need you. I want you. Let’s go.’ I really needed to hear that affirmation. Whereas before it was just, ‘Yo, come on, I think this would be cool. I think this would be dope. Let’s make it happen.’ It was a different feeling. It was a different vibe at this point.”

So far, the new-look Lakers have gotten off to a less than ideal start, going 2-3 through the first five games of the season. Already, the task of winning a title must appear daunting.

But after so many years of greatness, they know better than to panic now.