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Carmelo Anthony Responds To The Haters From His Disappointing Season In OKC


It'd be fair to say that Carmelo Anthony's lone season in Oklahoma City was easily the worst of his illustrious career, as the 10-time All-Star was an almost non-factor playing alongside Russell Westbrook and Paul George as the third option for the Thunder.

After Melo's disappointing season, the Thunder decided it would be best to part ways with the small forward, trading him to the Atlanta Hawks for point guard Dennis Schroder, where Anthony was promptly waived by the Hawks, making him a free agent.

Carmelo is reportedly going to be signing with the Houston Rockets alongside long-time Banana Boat friend Chris Paul and 2018 NBA MVP James Harden on a one-year/$2.4 million deal, a far cry from the near-$30 million dollar contract he was commanding in New York two years ago.

Melo spoke with The Undefeated's Jemele Hill about the situation he's currently going through, and had some choice words for everyone who has critisized him over the past 12 months.

“For me, out of all the work I put in the NBA — wins, losses, points scored, whatever — to be judged off of six months of a year overshadowed 15 years of what you’ve accomplished. That’s the hurtful part.”

As you can quite clearly tell, Anthony seems a little cut over the way he's been treated by fans and the media during his stay in OKC.

With a move to Houston imminent for Melo within the next few weeks, the 2012-13 scoring champ will be looking to prove his doubters wrong with a resurgent season in H-Town.