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Carmelo Anthony Says He Probably Would’ve Had 2 Or 3 Rings If He Got Drafted By The Detroit Pistons

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Carmelo Anthony has had a very good career, individually speaking, becoming one of the greatest scorers of all time during his stints with the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks. However, Melo is missing something in his resume, and that’s a ring. Anthony has actually never gotten past the conference semifinals in both the East and the West.

Anthony, though, believes things would have been different for him if he was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in that famous 2003 NBA draft, widely considered as the best in NBA history.

After the Cleveland Cavaliers picked LeBron James with the first overall pick that night, everybody thought the Detroit Pistons were going to pick Melo, but they made a different decision and selected Darko Milicic.

Even though Milicic did win a championship with the Pistons, it’s not like he had a big role in that championship, which sums up his career very well. Many people, including Melo, believe things would have been different with him if he played with Motor City.

During an Instagram live, Melo and Dwyane Wade discussed several topics, including what he thinks would have happened with him if the Pistons picked him that famous night. The veteran forward claimed he would have won two or three titles with Detroit, one of the best teams in the league at that time.

The Pistons had a very good group of players, who were mostly known by their defense. That defense took them to stop the all-powerful Los Angeles Lakers in 2004 and made a second trip to the Finals the following year, where the San Antonio Spurs beat them in 7 games.

Some say adding Melo’s firepower to those Pistons would have taken them to the next level, but that’s something we’ll never know. Still, Melo is pretty confident that would have been great for the Pistons, as he keeps looking for his first NBA ring.