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Carmelo Anthony Shares Crazy Story Of The Time LeBron James Saved His Life

Carmelo Anthony Recalls How LeBron James Saved His Life: "He's Swimming With The Other Arm And He Carrying Me With One"

(via DraftKings Nation)

LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are best friends and two of the four guys that make up the famous "banana boat crew." The two have obviously shared a lot of experiences together and most of them are things we'll never hear about.

But amid the NBA's hiatus, Carmelo has had some time to tell his stories -- including one of the time James saved his life on the very same trip that made the "banana boat" crew go viral.

Melo describes how he jumped off the boat, swam to a grotto, and was then swept away from the current that was taking him out to sea. LeBron, heroically, jumps off the boat and carries Melo back with one arm.

Both Melo and Wade implied it was the greatest thing they've ever seen Bron do.

The whole thing is pretty surreal and it's a shock we haven't already heard it before. Clearly, that vacation was more dangerous for the basketball stars than it looked -- but it's a good thing Bron was there to save the day.