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Carmelo Anthony Sides With LeBron James, Rejects The NBA All-Star Game: "It's Not Right..."

Carmelo Anthony Reveals What LeBron James Said When He Called Him About Joining The Lakers: “I Need You… The Time Is Now”.

(via NBC Sports)

As the 2021 All-Star game inches closer, the concern is growing over what it means for players and how it might jeopardize their health.

LeBron James was one of the first athletes to speak out and condemn the league's decision to continue with their All-Star plans, and many players have since joined him with similar statements.

Carmelo Anthony became the latest notable athlete to speak up on the issue, unsurprisingly choosing to side with James.

“I don’t think it’s right. I don’t think we need it right now. It’ll be good to recognize those that got chosen to be an All Star....But I just think it’s a little bit too much in a short period of time.”

The NBA wants to host the game (and the skills challenge) sometime during March, in Atlanta. No doubt, their biggest reason has to do with revenue -- as the annual All-Star game is a huge draw to both die-hard fans and casuals around the world.

But is it worth risking the health and well-being of the players? While the NBA has done a good job containing the virus, having all those players in one place will only make things harder...