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Carmelo Anthony Takes A Shot At Donald Trump: "Trump Has Declared War On The American People"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony has been very outspoken about the things happening in the US right now. The country has been flooded with protests after George Floyd's death at the hands of the police. Every NBA superstar has raised their voice against the incident and Melo isn't the exception.

Moreover, people consider that things haven't been managed correctly by politicians, especially POTUS Donald Trump. Recently Steve Kerr took a shot at him and now Melo gets on that train, claiming that Mr. Trump has 'declared war on American people'. The president warned protestors that he'd send the military to pacify the protest if local officials couldn't do the job.

Melo wasn't having any of that and took to Instagram to show his disagreement with Trump's word.

“So, Trump has declared war on the American people who are protesting against the killing of a black man. And still, they haven’t arrested the men who killed George Floyd,” the Instagram post read.

“America is being destroyed and burned down,” Anthony’s post further read. “The national guard is at war with civilians. All this because they refuse to even charge officers who killed a black man in front of the whole world! They would rather lose everything than give a black man justice! Let that sink in.”

The last week has been anything but easy for people in the USA. George Floyd's death sparked nationwide protests and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. Many people, including NBA players, believe this hasn't been addressed properly, which has led people to protest with some of them starting riots.

It's not like Trump is the most popular man around the NBA, but this definitely doesn't help his case, if there is any.

Melo and other superstars have been showing his support to peaceful protesters in recent days amid an extremely sensitive situation.