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Carmelo Anthony To Launch His Own Brand Of Wine

(via NY Daily News)

(via NY Daily News)

Carmelo Anthony has always tried to remind us all that he's way more than just a hooper. Either with his work as an activist or public persona, he and his signature Hashtag #StayMe7o have accompanied several endeavors.

So now that he's got some time off due to the NBA's hiatus, Melo decided to announce that he's working to develop his very own brand of wine, one of his biggest hobbies.

“We are very critical. So when I come, I have to come correct at the end of the day. I have just been taking my time and really getting into the game and learning the whole business as opposed to just putting my name on something or slapping a logo on a bottle”, Anthony said during an episode of his weekly show "What's in your glass".

Anthony was joined by Jamie Foxx to talk about some wine and his plans for the future, something that has kept him quite busy during the league's suspension.

Let's not forget about the fact that Anthony is close friends with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul, all of them huge enthusiasts of this delicious beverage.

Obviously, it's not like Carmelo needs the revenue money of his new enterprise, as he's amassed a huge fortune from his career in the NBA. Still, it's pretty nice to see NBA players try to diversify their income and make sure to keep money coming even after their careers are over.

And when this pandemic comes to an end and we're no longer enforced to stay socially distanced, we can be more than sure than Anthony's going to throw a couple of wine-tasting parties with the rest of the Banana-boat crew. Hopefully, they'll also stream that and we can take a look at them after a couple of bottles of red wine.