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Carmelo Anthony Wants To Stay With The Blazers: "I Think I've Found A Home Here."

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

When the Portland Trail Blazers picked up Carmelo Anthony in November, nobody was expecting much.

He had been traded from the Knicks, booted from OKC, and then exiled from the Rockets all within years. By the time it all ended, Melo was seen as broken goods and was denied another opportunity for 14 months.

It was in Portland where Carmelo rebuilt his reputation and quickly grew to become a huge member of the rotation. He proved he could still play the game.

In light of it all, it seems Anthony is intent on staying despite being an NBA free-agent this offseason.

The fans, organization, and the players have all been supportive and welcoming of Anthony and it's clear he has established quite a strong relationship with the team.

Though his future with the team is not yet clear, it's safe to say we can expect him to don the Black and Red once again next season. Who knows, it may even result in a Championship.