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Carmelo Anthony Will Keep No. 00, No Switch To No. 7

Carmelo Anthony Agrees To Deal To Portland Trail Blazers

Carmelo Anthony is not only a great player on the Portland Trail Blazers: he has had an illustrious NBA career, spending healthy chunks of it in Denver and New York. Like most superstars, Carmelo Anthony came to be associated with a particular number on his jersey more specifically No. 7. As he signed with the Trail Blazers, he picked No. 00 instead, out of respect for Blazers great Brandon Roy. For this season, Carmelo Anthony wanted his old number back, even asking fans to start a petition for it.

Brandon Roy quickly agreed to let Anthony wear his old number stating that he would "be honored" if Anthony were to don his jersey. Such an opinion from Roy was good to hear for fans, many of whom wanted Carmelo Anthony's old number back. Perhaps a return to his older number could turn back the clock for him. Their hopes were dampened by Carmelo Anthony's own statement about the situation.

Carmelo Anthony getting Brandon Roy's blessing wasn't enough for a number switch, but perhaps that could happen if Carmelo Anthony stays with the Trail Blazers beyond this season. Even without his old number, Anthony could surely terrorize many defenses on a good day: his isolation skill remains unmatched, and his 3PT shot has improved dramatically. Perhaps the good old days for Carmelo Anthony may not be so far back after all.