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Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert Makes A Bold Declaration


LeBron James might be available this summer, and it's throwing the NBA into a loop.

As we speculate where he might go, teams are planning, preparing, and strategizing how they might give themselves a better chance to land him. For the Cleveland Cavaliers, this is their reality as they approach the free-agency deadline. While most have given the Cavs zero chance to keep their prized superstar, Cleveland is, no doubt, going to do everything in their power to convince him to stay... or will they?

If you ask their owner Dan Gilbert, he's looking beyond the Bron era (via Brian Windhorst of ESPN):

Dan Gilbert believes that he can build a championship team without LeBron, and I think he is looking forward to trying. I don’t think he necessarily wants it to be next year, but I think Dan Gilbert would like to make a run of it.

By no means is Windhorst saying that Gilbert wants LBJ out of town this offseason, but he's at least hinting that Dan thinks he's ready for a future without LeBron.That, at the very least, the Cavs will be fine if LeBron decides to skip town this summer.

And as things unfold, it will interesting to see if Gilbert and the Cavaliers can live up to the words they've expressed, or if they'll once again find themselves shrouded in mediocrity without their King.