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Celtics Believe Rich Paul Planted Story About Kyrie Irving Leaving

Kyrie Irving

It seems the Lakers just made another enemy, whether they intended to or not.

With the status of Kyrie Irving still a question, even despite a verbal commitment from the star himself, the Celtics find themselves sweating at the possibility of his departure this summer.

But, according to a report by Sean Denevey of Sporting News, Rich Paul (LeBron James' agent) may have planted the story of Irving leaving to give the Lakers advantage in trade talks for Anthony Davis.

"The Celtics were annoyed by the story of Irving having eyes for New York, not because of Irving, but because they felt the story was planted by Davis’ agent, Rich Paul, in order to scare the Pelicans into thinking Boston would back off making a trade offer for Davis in July if Irving left.

“It was cheap and underhanded,” one source told SN."

Obviously, the Pelicans have taken a liking towards Boston's offer. They're set on getting Tatum, and the Lakers probably know they are negotiating from a hole.

By making Irving's status more doubtful, it puts into question their plans for the summer.

It's an ingenious plan, but one that could prove costly. In a league that's already against them, the last thing the Lakers need is more bad publicity.