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Celtics Coach Brad Stevens Turns Down Huge Offer From The Indiana Hoosiers To Stay In NBA

Brad Stevens

(via Enterprise News)

Celtics coach Brad Stevens has been a major piece of the franchise since even before the dawn of the Tatum/Brown era. Largely seen as a brilliant mind, and one of the best in the business, it seems like he is Boston's best bet if they want to want their goals of a Championship.

The good news for them is, he recently turned down a huge, $70 million contract from the Indiana Hoosiers to stay right where he's at.

To turn down such a huge offer really says a lot about Stevens' future in Boston. Even amid a rather rough season for the Celtics, that has been largely disappointing for many fans, perhaps they can rest easier knowing that their genius head coach is completely locked in and committed for a while.

Perhaps even more encouraging, though, is that the Celtics are already showing signs of turning things around. Currently, on a 6-game win streak, the team has secured a 4th place standing in the East.

Clearly, they're capable of making noise this season...