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Celtics’ Danny Ainge Claims Giannis Antetokounmpo Is “A Lot Like” LeBron James

Giannis Antetokounmpo: “I Should Be MVP Because I Don’t Care, I Just Care About Winning.”

The Boston Celtics are going head to head against the Milwaukee Bucks in one of the most entertaining playoffs series this season. Celtics and Bucks are expected to play great basketball and make some headlines, something that Boston President of basketball operations, Danny Ainge, has taken too serious.

According to The Boston Herald, the C’s president has some regrets for not taking Giannis in the 2013 draft, recognizing he didn’t have too much information about the Greek and stating “he’s a lot like LeBron in some ways”.

“Sure, I mean, I second-guess a lot of guys,” he said. “But, yeah, based on the information I had at the time of the draft, I don’t really second-guess.

“But based on the information from when I first saw him in the summer league, I absolutely started second-guessing,” Ainge added through a chuckle, his eyes widening. “Like, who is that kid right there?”

The C’s wanted to pick Kelly Olynyk, so they traded up from 16 to Dallas’ spot at 13. Antetokounmpo, gifted but very raw, went at 15 to Milwaukee.

“He’s a lot like LeBron in some ways, in that he’s just a good all-around player,” said Ainge. “Shooting may be his biggest weakness, but it doesn’t really matter if he even makes shots; he’s just so effective at still scoring and scoring efficiently and creating offense. And obviously LeBron’s become a very good shooter as his career has moved on, and Giannis is getting better, too. But the fact is that they’re just bigger and more athletic than most everybody they go against, and they have such versatility offensively and defensively.

“One thing I really appreciate about Giannis as a player is his enthusiasm and passion for the game. I think it��s a very underrated characteristic, and I think that he is an inspirational player to his team. His teammates, they really appear to love playing with Giannis.”

Antetokounmpo has to overcome a 1-0 disadvantage in front of Boston, which stole the first game of the series behind a great collective performance. Now Giannis and his teammates have to step up their game and show why they were the best team in the league during the regular season.