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Celtics Fans Are Thrilled After Their Team Beats The Bucks In Game 7: "No One Can Stop Us!"

Jayson Tatum and Grant Williams

Faced with their biggest challenge yet, the Boston Celtics responded in a huge way in Game 7 on Sunday.

Holding Giannis to 38% shooting, they kept Milwaukee under 85 points for the 109-81 win. For the first time in years, the Celtics are back in the Conference Finals and just 8 wins away from a Championship.

On Twitter, fans exploded the timeline with all kinds of reactions. Here are some of the best we found:

The hero of the game was undoubtedly Grant Williams, who dropped 27 points and 6 rebounds on 45% shooting. After an epic, hard-fought series against the defending Champs, they won and proved they are ready to take the next step. But how far can they really go?

The key for Boston, as it has been all season, will be their defense. If they can carry this elite and masterful display for two more series, it could be enough to bring the Celtics their first title in the Tatum era. At the very least, they have a good future ahead of them with Tatum on the roster.

"That's why he gets paid the big bucks," said Marcus Smart after Jayson's 46-point performance in Game 6. "That's it right there for moments like that. I was telling him the whole game, just be you man and he was. That's what we lean on him to do." "He took that game over in the fourth and brought us home."

Whether the Celtics end with a Championship or not, the future isn't as clear for Milwaukee. They have Giannis, who is a 2x MVP winner, and a bunch of supporting players around him that can only be described as expendable. Whatever they do this summer, a number of roster moves might be necessary for the Bucks to re-take their place as the team to beat.

For now, it's the Celtics who are in control and fans are going to enjoy their victory before putting attention on the looming series against Miami.