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Celtics Locker Room Reportedly Upset About Team "Force Feeding" Gordon Hayward

(via Desert News)

(via Desert News)

It looks like the Boston Celtics just can't seem to catch a break and this offseason is pretty much tearing apart what Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens fought so hard to accomplish.

First, it was Kyrie Irving who created mayhem in the team's locker room and is now reportedly "ghosting" them by not talking to anyone from the franchise since the end of the season.

Then, it was the Lakers - and not them - the ones that were able to put their hands around Anthony Davis, even though they could offer a way more appealing trade package.

Later, reports pointed towards their relationship with Al Horford reaching a dead end, with the big man set to test free agency and pursue a 4-year deal elsewhere rather than taking a pay cut to stay put at Boston as expected.

And now, the team's last star is in the spotlight and not for the right reasons, as ESPN's Jackie MacMullan told NBC Sports Boston that the rest of the locker room is allegedly upset because of the way the team was "force feeding" Gordon Hayward.

“You hate to pick on Gordon Hayward because he was coming back from injury and he was doing the best he could, but I really think that’s where it started. They were force feeding him on his teammates, Brad [Stevens] knew Gordon well, he wanted to get his confidence back. (...) he would've done that for any player on the roster," MacMullan claimed.

Hayward was called to have a starring role with the Celtics when he completed a shocking move out of the Utah Jazz, but a heart-breaking injury just minutes into his first game with the team, and he wasn't able to be the same player he was prior to the injury once he made his comeback.

The Celtics' locker room was allegedly "untenable" for most of the season and there were several misunderstandings between most of the veteran players, especially when things went wrong.

Now, despite putting together a strong and promising project, it looks like the Celtics may end up rebuilding once again, and Hayward may even be moved after averaging roughly 11.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 3.4 assists per game on 46% shooting.