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Celtics Reveal Their List Of Untouchable Players Ahead Of Trade Deadline

(via CelticsBlog)

(via CelticsBlog)

There has been a lot of chatter about the Celtics recently. Their vulnerability in the frontcourt coupled with a heap of trade assets has made them a prime candidate to make some kind of move before February's trade deadline.

But who would they be willing to give up? According to a source who spoke to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, there aren't many players the team is planning to give up.

“The reality is, the Celtics don’t have easy options even if they were determined to upgrade in the middle. While one could have some fun with the Trade Machine, Boston has made it clear to anyone who has asked that their core players are absolutely not available. That includes, sources said, both Hayward and Smart, players who have been floated as possible trade chips in the past. Their best assets are as many as three first-round picks in the 2020 draft, including a valuable Memphis pick that is top-6 protected in 2020 and unprotected after that.”

Essentially, you can expect the Celtics to hold onto their major players. Tatum, Brown, Walker, Smart, and Hayward are not going anywhere.

If a trade is pulled off, it will likely involve one of their many highly-coveted draft picks, which present as especially appealing to a rebuilding team. It will be interesting to see if they make any moves to improve their roster.

The Celtics are currently 11-4, with a 3rd place standing in the East.