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Channing Frye Explains Why LeBron James Is The GOAT

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

There has been much debate about where LeBron James ranks among the greatest players ever. While he has built a case for himself as the GOAT, not all are convinced he's there yet.

In a chat on the show "Handles" on NBA TV, one of his former teammates Channing Frye continued the discussion and gave his own take on why Bron deserves to be considered the greatest.

“He’s ready to win again. He’s ready to show everybody how good he is and how much better he makes his teammates,” Frye shared. “He’s setting an example early on. Not only for the rest of the league, but for his teammates that he’s ready to win a championship for the Lakers.”

LeBron's failures in the postseason have been a huge part of the argument against his cause. He is 3-5.

If he can win one with the Lakers, not only does he increase the number in the win column, but it will prove that can win in the tough Western Conference at 34-years-old.

And though there is still a lot left of the season to be played, that outcome seems more than plausible at this point.