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Channing Frye Shuts Down Cavs Fan After Signing With Cleveland


After only 5 months in Los Angeles after -- ironically enough -- being traded by the Cavaliers, Channing Frye is back in Cleveland.

Frye signed a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum yesterday, returning to the team and reuniting him and the fans who have loved him ever since he put on a Cavaliers jersey. Frye was shipped off to the Lakers during last season's trade deadline along with Isaiah Thomas in a move to bring in Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr.

As expected, fans were super excited to hear their favorite podcasting NBA player would be returning to Cleveland, and a few fans -- for some reason -- went a little over the top with their excitement, suggesting Cleveland would be heading back to the Finals for a fifth-straight year.

Frye, who is apparently a realist it seems, was on hand though to knock those fans down a peg.

Being drunk may be the only excuse that fan has if he honestly thinks Cleveland is making it to the playoffs next season, let alone the Finals, as after LeBron''s departure for the Lakers, the Cavs squad is looking mighty weak heading into next season.