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Charles Barkley Analysis On The Heat vs. Pacers Series: "Whoever Plays The Best Is Going To Win Each One Of These Games"

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Charles Barkley is used to giving fans hot takes, but sometimes he says some things that raise eyebrows around the league. The 1993 NBA MVP is now one of the most famous analysts in the NBA world but some could say he didn't show that while analyzing the Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers series during the halftime report of the game.

Chuck was trying to predict the final outcome of the series and he delivered an analysis that, as he said, could sound stupid, but it makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

"I said it last week it was a tough series and what I'm saying it's going to sound stupid, but it's just a fact. These are teams that are pretty much even. Whoever plays the best is going to win each one of these games," Chuck said, while Shaquille O'Neal said he always sounded stupid.

If you think about, Chuck's got a point. He's talking about the team who gets the most advantage of their rivals' weaknesses, about which player will be more inspired a certain day. He's saying they are very similar teams with similar styles of play and the winner of the series will be who gets the best out of their game the maximum number of games.

A lot of people believe this series is going to go to the seventh game; that shows how close it is. Barkley's words sound kind of lazy and stupid but you get the point of what he's trying to say.