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Charles Barkley Blames Warriors For KD Injury

(via NBC Bay Area)

(via NBC Bay Area)

The 2019 NBA Finals have taken a dark turn. Depsite winning a close, series saving Game 5, the storyline is about Kevin Durant, who got re-injured upon returning to the team.

People are fearing the worst, as rumors circulate Durant has suffered a torn Achilles.

There is little doubt that the right leg calf strain made Durant more prone to suffering this type of injury, and the community is questioning whether or not he should have been out there at all. On ESPN's "Get Up" morning show, NBA legend Charles Barkley brought the heat down on Golden State for allowing KD to play in spite of his injury.

If the injury is as bad as it looks, it will likely cost the 10x All-Star all of next season. And with just weeks to go until he becomes an NBA free agent, it just couldn't happen at a worse time.

As far as who is to blame, well, the answer is not a simple one. Yes, the Warriors cleared him to play and no doubt pushed his return. But do we really believe Durant wasn't begging to return to action?

It is an unfortunate situation, and Durant will be taken care of one way or another. But last night's injury will have major implications for the rest of the league. This changes everything.