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Charles Barkley Blasts Karl-Anthony Towns For Saying The Timberwolves Would Go Home And Drink Wine After Embarrassing Loss Against The Grizzlies

Charles Barkley Blasts Karl-Anthony Towns For Saying The Timberwolves Would Go Home And Drink Wine After Embarrassing Loss Against The Grizzlies

The Minnesota Timberwolves had a terrible night on Thursday night after blowing a 26-point lead against the Memphis Grizzlies at home. They dominated the first and third quarters of the match but didn't know how to close each half, losing big opportunities against a Grizzlies team that never gave up. 

Following the match, everybody had something to say about the Timberwolves' performance. Fans had no mercy against them, blasting them for losing such a big lead. Media members weren't the exception and Charles Barkley went off on them for their poor game

Chuck also called out Karl-Anthony Towns for not doing the plays he's supposed to make and leaving his team without him thanks to his fouls. KAT wasn't too worried about the result and claimed that they need to regroup, drink some wine, and be ready for the next game. 

"Go home, drink some wine and move on to the next day. That’s really simple. Just decompress, decompress," the Dominican-American player said.

Barkley didn't appreciate those comments and called out Towns. First, he interrupted a reporter and said 'next question' before saying they'd drink some wine. Chuck couldn't believe it and went off on the former No. 1 overall pick. 

"I can't believe his answers. 'Next question?' Dude, this is like two times in the last week, in playoff situation, you get more fouls than points and rebounds and your answer is 'next question, I'm just going to drink me some wine.' No, no, no, that's bogus. That's total BS. You were the No. 1 pick in the draft, you're supposed to be a franchise player, you gotta play never, there's never excuse for a guy who's an All-Star to get 6/5 and 5 fouls. At two times in a two-week period, in must-win situations. I told you, I picked Minnesota to win this series because they got talent, but they have no brain whatsoever. They got a coach whose last game his two best players got four fouls in the first half, that tonight let a 21-0 run in a playoffs game and did not call a timeout. He let a team that was 21-0 and this dude did not call one second timeout. It's just embarrassing. If I'm A-Rod [Alex Rodriguez], I'd be like, 'no, man, this is unacceptable.' That was ridiculous."

Barkley had some things to get off his chest after that Timberwolves' big loss. They need to step up for the next game and change their game plan, especially when closing time arrives. They have talent but still are a young team with no playoffs experience. The Grizzlies took advantage of that and demolished them when they had the chance, taking a 2-1 lead in the series and recovering their home-court advantage. 

This next game will be a challenge for the T-Wolves, and especially for Towns. He must be better if he wants to take his squad to the next round.