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Charles Barkley Dissapointed With Joel Embiid's Attitude

Charles Barkley Dissapointed With Joel Embiid's Attitude

One of the most respected former Philadelphia 76ers players is Charles Barkley, so when it comes to opinions about the Sixers, there wouldn’t be many that are respected more than Barkley’s.

The role of many Sixers players have changed since Jimmy Butler has entered the team including big man, Joel Embiid.

Charles Barkley made it known on ESPN’s “Get Out” that he’s disappointed with the way that Embiid has reacted to the changed role that he has to play.

“It disappointed me that Joel is more worried about his personal numbers then the team being better because they’re clearly better with Jimmy Butler. So I was disappointed in his statements.”

Barkley has been impressed with the way that the Sixers have played since Butler joined the team and that the only issue the team faces right now is Embiid’s attitude.

The Sixers have an impressive record of 13-6 since the trade with the Timberwolves, the franchise now is in a great position to finish in the top four of the Eastern Conference.

The positive thing is that there is so much time for the Sixers to fix their teammate chemistry issues and develop into one of the powerhouse teams of the competition. It may be hard for Embiid to adapt to playing a new role where he must sacrifice part of his game for the benefit of the team. However, it’s a necessary change if the side is looking for the ultimate success of a championship.

There’s much that the Sixers could learn from a side like the Golden State Warriors who have a star-studded line-up and yet are able to function as a team-first side that has led them to multiple championships.

The talent is certainly all there for the Sixers to go far in the postseason, the franchise has a very realistic chance of breaking their championship drought.