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Charles Barkley: "Ernie, Man, The World Is Crazy Right Now. This COVID Thing Has Got Us So Stressed Out Mentally... I Can Never Remember Feeling This Much Stress In My Life. You Know Ernie, I Just Feel Sadness Right Now."

Credit: TNT

Credit: TNT

Charles Barkley has been famous for his hilarious comments while analyzing the NBA and everything related to it. Recently, he's been criticized for his bad comments towards some young players trying to make an impact on the league but Chuck has tried to be as cool as possible most of the time.

However, Barkley recently vented his frustration with the world and the way we're living for the past year, revealing how he really feels about the COVID-19 global pandemic that has affected the world and the United States, more than other countries on earth. During a recent edition of TNT's "Inside the NBA," Chuck talked about all the deaths the NBA world has seen in the last 12 months, including Kobe Bryant and Sekou Smith's.

"Ernie, man, the world is crazy right now. This COVID thing has got us so stressed out mentally... I can never remember feeling this much stress in my life. You have to be careful where you go. You have to be careful who you're around You know Ernie, I just feel sadness right now," Barkley expressed.

This situation was totally unwanted and unexpected and it has taken a toll on the world. Life has changed and nobody knows when we will return to our normal routine or what the "new normal" will look like. As Chuck said, we have to be careful and take care of those around us, although it can put a lot of stress on everybody's shoulders.