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Charles Barkley Gets Emotional As He Speaks of Kobe Bryant's Passing

(via YouTube)

(via YouTube)

It's been over 24 hours since the world heard news of Kobe Bryant's death, but things haven't gotten much easier for most.

After years of watching the Mamba do his thing, it's almost unbelievable that he and his daughter GiGi will never be seen or heard from again. Among an outpouring of reactions on the internet and TV, former NBA star Charles Barkley made his own statement on the tragedy, expressing extreme grief and sadness.

“I just started crying — I’m not gonna lie — I just started crying. I don’t even have that type of relationship with Kobe, but he was part of the basketball fabric of my sixteen years in the NBA, my nineteen years on TNT — he was like one of my kids."

Since the Lakers/Clippers game was postponed, the TNT crew took it upon themselves to honor and remember the Mamba. For Chuck, in particular, he's not one to show a whole lot of emotion, especially on the air.

For him to appear so vulnerable really shows how much he cared for Bryant, and how much his death stung for him.

Of course, he's just one of many to sing this tune, as fans all around the world are making their grief known.