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Charles Barkley Gives Huge Praise To LeBron James: "LeBron, To Me, Is The Greatest Story In Sports History."

Charles Barkley Gives Huge Praise To LeBron James: "LeBron, To Me, Is The Greatest Story In Sports History."

The story of LeBron James' rise is more than enough for anyone to get motivated in their life. Growing up poor to becoming one of the richest athletes in the world is certainly something that not many can achieve.

Evidently, LeBron is considered one of the greatest players to grace the NBA as well. Even before coming to the league, James was already burdened with the weight of becoming the next big thing in the NBA.

Many would have succumbed to that pressure and failed to reach their true potential. James has not only lived up to expectations but has far exceeded them. Although LBJ's career is nearing its end, he is still a phenomenal player and proved that night after night in the 2021-22 NBA season.

It goes without saying that James deserves all the fame and appreciation that he has earned during his time in the league. He added another jewel to his crown when NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley was asked to reveal his NBA Mount Rushmore. Of course, James was part of it, and Chuck provided a great reason for picking him:

"LeBron, to me, is the greatest story in sports history."

This is not the first time Barkley has showered praise on the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. Earlier, Chuck also praised James for becoming one of the greatest players in NBA history after being drafted into the NBA at the age of 18-years-old.

Next season LeBron James will complete 20 years in the NBA and the fact that he is still expected to maybe win another NBA Championship while being the best player on the team is truly unbelievable.

But can he ever surpass Michael Jordan? Even Barkley said that LeBron James is the only player to ever play well in the NBA from day one, but he is still an MJ guy. LeBron might never truly surpass Jordan in the eyes of fans, but what he has achieved so far in his career is nothing short of something that we only see in fictional stories.