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Charles Barkley Goes Viral After Trolling Wayne Gretzky: "You Lost A Fight To A Guy In A Perm?"

Charles Barkley Goes Viral After Trolling Wayne Gretzky: "You Lost A Fight To A Guy In A Perm?"

If you're at all familiar with Charles Barkley, chances are you're aware of his unfiltered mouth, which often makes him the center of some truly fantastic moments.

Whether he's speaking about his co-hosts or about NBA players, the guy says what's on his mind and is absolutely unapologetic about it.

Apparently, not even the greatest hockey player ever is immune from Barkley's shenanigans.

In a segment during a TNT broadcast of one of the NHL’s opening week games between the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals, Charles Barkley was joined by Gretzky, where they reviewed an old Gretzky fight clip.

The star was being knocked around pretty bad by his opponent, who happened to be rocking a perm.

Upon seeing the clip, Barkley couldn't help but make fun of the hockey legend.

“Wait you lost to a guy with a perm? Are you serious?”

Gretzky didn't have much to say in response, but he took the joke like a true champ, laughing with Chuck through the moment.

Things got even better later on, though, when Gretzky had his turn to embarrass Barkley.

Overall, seeing the guys together was a really cool moment and it worked really well. Gretzky brought his natural charisma and genius while Chuck brought his wit and humor.

Of course, that's not to say Barley can't get nasty from time to time. When people call him out, he isn't afraid to bite back.

“I don’t walk around saying I’m Billy Badass," said Barkley after Scottie Pippen called him a 'fake tough guy.' "but I can promise you one thing: I’m tougher than Scottie Pippen. Let me put that to rest right now.”

On the subject of Barkley, we'll see him again very soon when the new season kicks off on Tuesday. Having been weeks since the last showing of "Inside the NBA," fans are looking forward to the TNT crew making their season debut.

No doubt, it will be awesome to get back into the groove of things. Who knows what other stuff Barkley might say or do over these next few months?