Charles Barkley Is 1-11 In His Last 12 'Guaranteeeees'

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Charles Barkley Was Right- Before The Season, He Guaranteed That The Wizards And Hawks Would Make The Playoffs

Making picks and handicapping is quite difficult. Regardless of how much you know about the game, how much tape you watch, or even if you may have a couple of inside tips, that's not easy.

That's why, when it comes to gambling, not many people actually make a profit out of it. If not, just ask Charles Barkley.

The basketball Hall of Famer has been far off with his predictions. In fact, he's become infamous around NBA fans because of his 'Guaranteeeeees', as they're pretty much begging for him not to jinx their favorite team.

Barkley's 'Guaranteeeeee' record has been terrible as of late, as StateMuse revealed that he's just 1-11 in his last 12 picks.

Chuck's only good pick was when he said that the Phoenix Suns would take two straight games from the Los Angeles Lakers in the wake of Anthony Davis' injury, which wasn't exactly a hot take.

Clearly, Barkley knows a thing or two about basketball. He also has enough money to spare and could afford to lose some cash if he were to place some bets.

As for the rest of sports gamblers - or simple NBA fans trying to watch their team succeed - it's clear that Barkley's 'Guaranteeees' have been more of a curse rather than a lock.

He's been so bad as of late that some fans even think that he's doing some kind of reverse jinx or jinxing them on purpose. Knowing Chuck, that's actually a pretty valid thing to think.

So, if your team is still in contention or you want to make a couple of bucks with the remaining games of the playoffs, the best way to Guaranteeeeee a win is to just fade Barkley's picks and choose the complete opposite of what he says it's going to happen.