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Charles Barkley Knows The Real Reason Why The Warriors Suspended Draymond Green

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors, even though they are the 2nd seed in the West, are in a small crisis. Steph Curry is out injured and the Warriors have severely suffered in his absence. They lack the rhythm and flow his leadership brings on the floor and it’s obvious that he is their most important player.

This losing spell has also been ‘highlighted’ by the spat between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant who clashed at the end of a loss to the LA Clippers. Draymond was suspended by the Warriors for the next game without pay and many people were curious as to why Green’s punishment was so serious.

Charles Barkley has a theory on why the Warriors were so stern with their punishment, and it makes good sense.

“They know that they’ve got to appease Kevin Durant. That’s what makes sense. Dan, nobody gets suspended when teammates get to fighting, because that happens at least once a week. Where teammates get into, or somebody yells at a coach and you say things you regret.

The reason they suspended Draymond is because they know that dynasty, if Kevin Durant leaves, is gonna come to an end. And people got to realize – they’re going to that brand new, big ‘ol building next year. They’re charging $20,000 a seat on the front row… people want to see a team that’s a juggernaut, they don’t want to see a team that’s pretty good. That’s why they suspended Draymond.”

Barkley also said that Warriors are not a dynasty without Kevin Durant but they won already one championship without him and lost after 3-1 in their second NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Durant is a free agent next season and speculation on what the Warriors will look like next season is getting more and more interesting. If I was Green I would be watching very carefully how the GSW front office behaves towards Durant and himself. If the Warriors aren’t careful then Green will feel betrayed and move elsewhere.

It appears more and more as though this season will be the last for the Golden State dynasty.