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Charles Barkley Lauds Andre Drummond: "Can You Imagine When He's Out There With LeBron And AD?"

Credit: NBAE via Getty Images

Credit: NBAE via Getty Images

Andre Drummond has recently made his way over to the Los Angeles Lakers after he got bought out by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Los Angeles Lakers recently lost to the Miami Heat, but Andre Drummond showed some good things despite the loss, managing to put up 15 points and 12 rebounds.

The Los Angeles Lakers brought Andre Drummond over to become the starting center on the roster, and perhaps to add some star power next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Recently, former legend Charles Barkley lauded the things that Drummond brings to the table for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Can you imagine when he's out there with LeBron and AD? I mean because AD and LeBron are such unique players, he can play the center. He can play Jokic. They're gonna have to go through Jokic. He can play against Gobert. He can play against Ayton. Those are the 3 of the 4 best teams in the West.

It seems like Barkley thinks that Andre Drummond brings value due to the fact that he can match up with the premier centers of the Western Conference. Andre Drummond has led the league in rebounding multiple times during his career, and he would provide great interior defense for the Los Angeles Lakers. It would be hard to score in the interior against the Lakers since they would have two great rim protectors in Andre Drummond and Anthony Davis. Andre Drummond brings a lot of value to the Lakers, and perhaps we will see the best version of him when LeBron James and Anthony Davis return.